• Experiece of choosing a fishing product

Experiece of choosing a fishing product

Fishing is a pleasure of many people after a day of work or busy. Besides, fishing also brings food for anglers. Therefore, this article will share you some experience how to choose one of good fishing products.That is a fishing rod being suitable for your needs to help you achieve the highest efficiency when fishing, of which there are several factors we must consider following:
• Types of the rod, materials of the rod
• The length of the rod
• The weight of the rod
• The curvature of rod
Handle types, eyelets types

Experiece of choosing a fishing product 

1.      How to select a fishing rod

There are two main kinds of rod: Baitcasting and Spinning.
Image 1: Baitcasting fishing rods
Image 1: Baitcasting fishing rods

It is the fishing rod that has parts of machine and feels placed upwards the trigger. It will be the most appropriate for fishing rod machines of casting.

Image 2: Spinning fishing rods
Image 2: Spinning fishing rods

A spinning rod is often accompanied by vertical fishing machine. This kind of fishing rod includes parts of machine, reels and eyelets that are towards the bottom of the rod and the handle. That helps the length of fishing rod to balance without trigger.
Materials of manufacturing a fishing rod: Most of the fishing products are made of graphite or glass fibers, or a combination of the two things together. Among them:

-Fishing rods are made of graphite: graphite materials are refined more slightly. Making the fishing rods becomes more sensitive especially when the fish start biting the bait. This type is quite durable and usually used to catch big fish.
- Fishing rods are made of glass fibers because this type is more durable than graphite. However, the sensitivity of the glass is not as good as graphite. Besides, the fishing rod made of glass is much heavier than other materials.

2. Curvature of the rod

This curvature is designed to be suitable for each purpose of fishing, for example, fitting for tossing or enticing. And depending on the purpose, there are suitable actions for fishing rods. The smaller the fish is, the more flexible the rod is; the fish is bigger, you need to buy a harder fishing rod.

3. Select the eyelets of fishing rods.

Image 3: The eyelets of fishing rods
Image 3: The eyelets of fishing rods

Eyelets of fishing rod are used to guide the fishing line while throwing or collecting it. These eyelets are made from hard plastic or metal, even ceramic. The eyelets will be placed straight and attached to the body of the fishing rod. With baitcasting, the majority of eyelets will have the same diameter; meanwhile with spinning, they are put on the rod downward. And a number of eyelets will tell us of the length of the rod.
These are experience aggregated to help you choose a good fishing rod with the best quality as well as how to choose an appropriate fishing rod for the purpose of fishing.  With this useful information mentioned above, you will buy for yourselves a fishing product.