• How to fish Catfish bait and make baits?

How to fish Catfish bait and make baits?

Catfish is a species which live in fresh water and present almost everywhere, to fish Catfish easily you need to know some ways to fish and baits to attract them.
   Catfish are usually cooked into various attractive dish characterized by commoners. Catfish fishing is a hobby that many people especially love.

Image 1: the catfish
Image 1: the catfish

1. How to fish catfish:

   Regularly fishing catfishfrom the afternoon to evening is the best time because at this time it is quite cool. Catfish also often raven for the bait in flocks so after heavy rains you will catch a lot of catfish.

 Catfish baits are easy to find, just insects like worms, crickets, cockroaches, beetles. Their habit is that they are greedy catfish bait so you should not worry about that.

Image 2+3: Kinds of baits for Catfish
Image 2: Kinds of baits for Catfish
Image 2+3: Kinds of baits for Catfish
Image 3: Kinds of baits for Catfish

It is not difficult to catch Catfish because they eat lots of baits, sometimes they even swallow a hook so you should use  the durable hard one to catch them most effectively . Fishing line must also be good and use a heavy lead. Catfish often live at the bottom of pond or river so you need to drop the hook deeply the river where there are many small mud easiest  to bite.

Preparing for Catfish Fishing

Catfish have different sizes and weights, to achieve the best performance, you should prepare a fishing rod shimano to promote efficiency while meeting large fish.
This kind of thi rod is a sophisticated design, solid and capable of capturing prey easily. In particular, using shimano is a way for you to show superiority your friends.
Image 4: Fishing rod  - shimano
Image 4: Fishing rod  - shimano

  •       Hooks

Hooks are also means which directly impact on how to fish catfish and make the bait so you must pay attention to use the fishing rod correctly to attract prey more favorable.
Use a small hook, medium, not so big because it will not fit this kind of fish. When baiting, you should pay attention to cover the portion of fish hook because if the hook is open catfish will be afraid and avoid our bait.

Image 4: Hooks for Catfish
Image 4: Hooks for Catfish

   How to make attractive baits?

The brick is fired so hot. After that, you take it out and then water on the surface. When the brick is hot, it is easy to mix sauce and make more strong smell. You can use a cord to reel the brick and let it drop as attractive bait. Making attractive bait to engage catfish - Fresh Bait: catfish are so fond of natural bait that they feed them quickly. Besides, the plenty of natural bait in their living-environment make them easy to find. The baits like crickets, cockroaches, clones, ant eggs, worms ... can be used as catfish bait. You have just put bait into hooks and then wait for catching catfish easily.
   Some suggestions above about how to fish and make attractive bait for catfish hope to help you have an exciting trip for fishing. Wish you have memorable moments together with family and friends on next trip with catfish.

Image 6: Attractive baits
Image 6: Attractive baits