• Fishing guides in the winter

Fishing guides in the winter

Fishing in the winter has become one of the pleasures of many people. During cold winter days, the food in the lakes, rivers and streams will be limited so the fish will search for sources of food. This is the best opportunity for the anglers to take an incredible amount of fish to your home after an amazing trip.

Image overview: Having fun during a fishing trip in the winter 

Many people think that going fishing in the cold winter is a bit stupid because fish hardly eat bait. In fact, fishing in the winter, you are able to get more than in the summer with high temperature. However, you also need to master the knowledge, skills and experience of fishing in the winter.

1. Select fishing places:
In the winter, the weather gets colder than the other seasons, every creature has to shelter or hibernate to conserve energy. This is the reason why many people think that fish will not participate in sheltering and foraging.

Image 1: Winter is the time for many species to search food

In fact, during the cold winter, fish still need food to get enough energy in order to overcome the long and cold winter. They often shelter at the middle and bottom floors because warmer water temperature there is suitable for body temperature of many species. According to this feature, you need to choose fishing places in the river cliffs or bushes, where many trees are growing. Therefore, fish often concentrate there and then it becomes very easy for you to achieve success.

2. Select the suitable time for fishing

Especially, the tropical countries are often affected by the northeast wind. In the beginning of winter, fish should less forage. However, in the end of winter when the stored energy sources dwindle away, fish will actively go searching food to compensate for other upcoming trips. That is an ideal time to go fishing in the winter. So, choosing a suitable time is a fishing guide in the winter.

3. Choose the spices to fish

During the winter, species living in the surface water is more susceptible to change because they are heavily influenced by the change of temperature. So they have to move to the under floor where the temperature of water is warmer to shelter.

Image 3: Fish move to under surface water

Fish that live in the bottom floor don’t much change during the winter. There are many kinds of fish for you to choose such as carp, hybrid, tilapia...

4. Select bait

Based on the fishing guides of the professional anglers in the winter, baits often chosen must be the natural bait such as shrimp, fish or maybe fake imitated bait. In the winter when food is limited, fish quickly move to your bait. Therefore, you don’t need to prepare bait too carefully but just a pleasant aroma to attract fish. Make sure that you can get many fish after some minutes.

Image 4: Fish is easy to catch bait
Some experience of fishing guides in the winter can contribute your trip more successful and meaningful. Let’s try another sense in this winter.