• Fishing guides for grass carp

Fishing guides for grass carp

Grass carp is a kind of freshwater fish living in lakes, ponds or rivers mainly in Southern. Their body is elongated and chubby. A big one is about 1.5m in length and 45kg in weight. An amazing thing is that they can be alive until 21 years.

Fishing grass carp is one of the pleasures of many anglers, but not everyone can get the fishing guides of grass carp. This article shares with you some experiences suggested by excellent anglers to help you catch them easily.

Image 1: An angler and his grass carp.

To fish grass carp effectively, each angler must have the knowledge, experience and get some essential information about the behavior of both hunting and sheltering. After getting enough information for yourselves, your fishing trips become interesting and engaging.

1.      Hunting behavior :

No difference from carp, grass carp prefer hunting in the area of ​​trees, bushes and biting into the grass, shoots to survive, so they can catch any organisms for food.  
There is one special thing you should note in the spring. When the plants, algae grow higher, grass carp will easily identify where natural food is dangerous and of course we will stay away food you put on a hook to catch them.

Image 1.1: Grass carp in the area of bushes

 2. Select the bait:

Another fishing guide for catching grass carp is selecting good bait. Experienced anglers often choose natural bait such as shrimp, fish or some fruit as bait banana, jackfruit. Especially, grass carp are interested in fresh shrimp and some kinds of rice flour. Therefore, you should choose fresh bait with pleasant smell to attract fish.

Image 2: The favorite food of grass carp

3. Shelter:

Like other fish, grass carp prefer living in surface of water in lakes, pools or rivers and eating food floating on the water. Grass carp often shelter and hunt in the dense bushes with trees (0.8 - 1.2 m in height). This is the useful information for the angler to select places as well as know how to throw the bait in the right direction.

4. Choose hooks and cast baits:

Hooks for fishing grass carp are often chosen with the large size, with that feature you need hook baits carefully so that they cannot be detected. Besides, you also have to throw the bait in the right direction to attract grass carp. According to the experience of many anglers, you should toss the bait 1m at least from the shelter of grass carp then move slowly and naturally to draw their attention.

Image 4: Choose the right direction to fish.

5. Select rod:

The important factor is to choose a fishing rod to catch grass carp effectively. These rods should often be not only hard but also flexible. The most appropriate rod is about 2.4 m in length.

Image 5: A perfect rod to fish grass carp

Choose the right time as well as appropriate rod to bring high efficiency

These fishing guides for grass carp hope to contribute to the success of your trip. Good luck!