• Fishing guides for fishing tilapias

Fishing guides for fishing tilapias

Some tips for fishing tilapias will equipp anglers with the necessary fishing tackle as well as how to determine appropriate types of bait to catch this popular fish.
Tilapias have ability to adapt from 10-40 degrees Celsius. But the optimal growth temperature is from 26 to 29 degrees Celsius. Ambient temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, they often stop eating and reproduction. This is a factor you should consider when deciding to go fishing. Tilapias can withstand in low oxygen content, therefore, they can be under mud when you fish. Tilapia is omnivores, so it is not hard for you to make baits. You can make any types of bait relating to rice and green algae

Image 1: Fishing Tilapia is one of the pleasures
Tilapias are popular fish in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams, so that Fishing tilapias is one of the pleasures of many anglers today. But before starting your trip, refer to some fishing guides to increase the efficiency of fishing

Image 2: A perfect fishing rod

The first and most important tool when going fishing is a fishing rod. Besides, the ordinary rods in hand, anglers should use the type of machine rod to promote efficiency. In particular, the type of fishing rod-shimano should be more choice by anglers when deciding to conquer the prey.
Tilapias are not difficult to fish, especially we go fishing in the private lakes. Just one long rod is about 4-5 meters in length.  Its carbon material is better choice because it is lighter. A colorless fishing line is from 0.1 mm to 00:15 mm in diameter.

Image 3: Prepare bails is an important step for fishing

According to anglers' practical experience, when you choose a fishing rod, you should consider the included accessories. Depending on the area and bait, as well as fish, there are significant differences in selecting leads and hooks
An important factor is how to prepare baits to attract tilapias. Our common foods are often blends of rice from kinds of rice or specially scented baits for fish to bite. Besides, we should select a buoy in shape of carrot that can bring about 1g of lead; hooks' code is 16 or 14.
Another fishing guide making baits. You can use fried rice and then mix and crush with steaming hot rice. Next, you add a little of sour taste for the mix to become more soft.
In addition, you can use egg of ants that are mixed with rice porridge. It is also effective to use bee larvae to make baits.

Image 4: Tilapias often live in shoals
Image 4: Tilapias often live in shoals

Tilapias often live in shoals when they are adults. Depending on a shoal of fish, the sizes of fish is about 30-45 cm in size. So, what is the best way fish Tilapias simply and. First, you need to put much lead at the stream and make sure that you surround a shoal of fish in a correct place. Second, buoys are often about 20cm in length. If they are too heavy, it is not easy to adjust sights. You are not able to throw away the buoys and even they may be entangled in the rod, if they are too small and light.
This is the useful information for you  to select fishing rods as well as the way to fish effectively. Have a nice trip!