• Fishing guide for snakehead in the summer

Fishing guide for snakehead in the summer

    Snakehead is one of the species of fish that any angler wishes to conquer. However, it will not be difficult if you know fishing techniques as well as suitable sites. This writing will guide you to fishing, hopefully this article will be useful.

1. Choose a fishing site (pond)

Choosing a suitable fishing site is the first fishing guide. Selecting the ponds which have more trees or forests around because spending much time will fishing effectively.
The most important thing is that a number of fish will concentrate on these areas because of plentiful nutrients and a good idea to avoid heat. However, you also avoid being entangled fishing pole during fishing let’s choose a more open space.
Snakehead fishing gear different from the other fish grills. However, the need to shop for a new right, the practice patterns easily. With snakehead fishing gear, a shopping times can be used for many years, so there should not also positioned slightly unsparing.

Image 1: Choose a fishing site

2. Fishing technique

  Another fishing guide is fishing technique.  After selecting sites, preparing a good fishing rod. You begin the final stage to determine the success of the snakehead - this is dragging the bait.  The hot weather  heats up the water so  fish often hide in the bushes or hiding down at the bottom of the water, when we drag the bait, it must be sank . And in areas with weeds and grass, you should drag the prey quickly and let it jump out of the water or strong over grass, weeds, do like that around 10 lines to wake up the fishy smell and attract the attention of snakehead fish.

3. Tools for snakehead fishing

The last fishing guide is using tools for snakehead fishing 

-Fishing rod
  There are some ways for fishing snakehead like the click, drag, etc. Each way uses a different kind of rod. So if specialized in which way, you should choose the suitable type of rod .The length of clicking rod is from five to six meters. The important thing is the rod, it must be straight in the middle, and the top must become small gradually to fish easer.
 The fishing rod for dragging is longer than the clicking rod a little bit.  It is not so different from clicking one but adds a crutch to the final of the road. This crutch will make the angler avoid tired hand, and whereby you can control the rod easier and more flexible.

Image 2: fishing rod

-Hooks of snakehead
Normally, the excellent snakehead angler makes hooks by themselves. However, nowadays they are easier to buy any kind of hook in the market with different kinds of shape and color for fishing snakehead. Each angler has special strategies. Some of them pull rod as soon as fish catch bait. However, others just pull after waiting for a while.

Image 3: Hooks of snakehead

 -Fishing line
Nowadays, people use plastic line. Use the 40 fishing one for fishing snakehead. Click and drag fishing are the same, the line is about 10 meters long.

Image 4: Fishing line
- Bait
The most "sensitive" baits to the snakehead are paddocks, lizards or small Tilapia. All of these preys are alive to lure them.
These are some experiences of the special anglers, if you intend to fish the snakehead in the summer let’s use fishingguides above to have an ideal fishing.