• A useful fishing guide to fish the Bass

A useful fishing guide to fish the Bass

The Bass are evil predatory fish and mainly attracted by places with a large number of different fish. Therefore, the pond or river containing bushes and grasses is the ideal site for them to ambush prey and search for food and the perfect one to fish the Bass as well.

Image 1: Bass are evil predatory fish

If your fishing area is too large and you have many choices to sit, you should note these following fishing guides about places recommended by experienced anglers. Firstly, you should choose the site at the end of ponds or lagoons where water remains. Secondly, you give priority for places containing grasses at the middle and surrounding with water. The last one is under the trees along the bank of rivers or sites planting water hyacinth or water lily.
When you start fishing, you should always try to stay alert. Because Bass is an evil predatory fish, probably as soon as you drop bait, they immediately bite your bait. And to avoid Bass move away because of seeing you, so instead of using the colorful clothes, you should wear dark clothes. It will give better efficiency.

Image 2: You should wear dark clothes

After identified the fishing place, you should not drop bait immediately. You have to observe that place at first in order to consider whether having Bass hiding or not. According to the fishing guides of many anglers, you should not put your fishing rod too far from the bank of river or pond. Making a trial to ensure that place having Bass by putting your fishing rod for a while is essential.

In the dragging technique of fishing method, depending on the fishing guides, you should drag bait ten times at least to make sure that Bass are staying there. If no fish catch bait, you can move to another site.

Bass are very evil. They have a habit of snapping the bait very intensely and strongly. After snapping the bait and being hooked, they try to get out by jumping strongly in water. However, sometimes you will encounter Bass, which bite bait more slowly and smoothly instead of acting violently as usual.

Barb fish is an omnivorous fish and eat much more than others. So, you have many kinds of bait used for fishing Bass.

- Cockroach: Cockroach is quite popular and easy to find. You can hook from one to two cockroaches on hooks. Bass will move to your site quickly.

Image 3: Cockroach is a favorite bait of Bass

- Ripe banana: you can use any type of banana as well, just take a thick slice of banana, and then put on the hook of your fishing rod. Note that you should carefully avoid dropping while throwing into water.

- Frozen pig blood: The smell of this bait is very strong and attractive to Bass. It is hardly separated when we put underwater.

 For storage, you put them in a plastic bag and store in a refrigerator, but remember not to put in the freezer.

When Bass bit bait, you must remember that their lips are quite thin and prone to be tore. Therefore, you should not pull the fishing rod too quickly and strongly, just do slowly after a few minutes. Now let's bring them to inshore, and then use two hands to take the hook from the mouth of Bass. Done!

Image 4: lips of Bass are quite thin and prone to be tore.