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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Top 10 CPAP Masks

We at Easy Breathe are dedicated to supplying probably the most advanced, leading edge and comfy CPAP masks and our customers certainly get their favorites. If you're searching for any new CPAP mask, their list is a great guide to choose your personal mask. Order now and obtain the mask of your liking with FREE Two Working Day Shipping!

1. AirFit P10 Mask System

The AirFit P10 may be the quietest, lightest CPAP mask available. It's 50% lighter and 50% quieter compared to Quick Forex.

The ultra-soft quickfit elastic headgear includes a unique split-strap design that gives stability and adjustability with minimal facial contact.

Voted #1 CPAP mask by CPAP users within the Easy Breathe annual mask survey.

AirFit P10 Mask System Review

Nasal pillows are among the most widely used types of CPAP masks. ResMed, one of the leading manufacturers of the equipment, provides the AirFit P10 nasal pillows with a few significant enhancements over prior models. Review a few of the benefits and drawbacks of the mask and think about whether it may be the best mask choice for you.

After while using AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask, I noted several modifications which i loved.

Probably the most apparent may be the air diffuser located in front from the mask. The exhalation port, which enables the discharge of air to avoid co2 accumulation, can often be disruptive. Within the Quick Forex nasal pillows, a similar model from ResMed, the environment release was quite powerful, especially at greater pressures. This might blow air into covers - or disturb sleep partner. Using the AirFit P10, a plastic diffuser dissipates this air flow. It might allow it to be a little more hard to exhale, but this isn't particularly annoying.

The mask is clearly labeled for correct placement, using the right and left nostrils and size noted around the inferior surface. The plastic pillows (the part that really sit within the nostrils) tend to be more firmly locked in place when compared to Quick Forex model. This can be more supportive, depending by yourself anatomy. Alternatively, it might forcefully direct the pillows to your nostrils, departing onto your nose just a little sore each morning.

Hard plastic support piece is unquestionably stiffer, also it advisable to try out body together with your equipment provider before you take it home.

The headgear is another obvious departure from earlier models. It's more fixed in conformation, without adjustable Velcro or plastic bands. This might allow it to be simpler to obtain situated during the night, particularly if you wake to urinate and return to bed.

I discovered myself wishing for any tab around the headgear to assist find out the bottom and top at nighttime. (It ought to be noted the pillows themselves possess a small half moon indentation at the base surface.)

Straps from the headgear are constructed with a stretchy fabric that appears appropriately sized with sufficient share with be “one size fits all”. Extremes of mind sizes will benefit from the trial sizing to make sure they fit well. The split fabric bands could be moved around around the mind to aid the position and seal from the nasal pillows. The headgear itself does appear to extend with time, presenting more mask leak. You'll be able to restore the initial springy conformation by running the headgear under warm water, ringing it, and allowing it to dry.

The mask is generally simple to clean. The pillows component could be pulled apart to wash. This introduces more parts, and also the complexity might be problematic for many. It might not be critical to go into there and fix it as opposed to just rinsing it. Furthermore, when the nasal pillows are replaced every two to four days (as they possibly can be around most insurance), it might not be essential to fully disassemble and scrub the pillows component.

One negative towards the AirFit P10 when compared to Quick Forex nasal pillows would be that the hose attachment in front doesn't have a swivel.

Therefore, movement isn't as easily covered. This might allow it to be much more likely for that mask to drag and leak when submiting bed.

If you like to make use of the nasal pillows type of CPAP mask, the AirFit P10 model has some nice modifications, such as the front air diffuser and stretchy headgear. Having a more firm pillow support piece and insufficient hose swivel, you might wish to keep the current favorite.

The product was personally reviewed through the author also it was donated following review period.

2. DreamWear CPAP Mask

 The DreamWear’s unique frame design directs the cumbersome CPAP tubing outrageous of the mind, which means you don’t need to bother about fighting your tube inside your sleep any longer.

The DreamWear nasal cushion rests lightly beneath your nose, eliminating the chance of chafing and irritation.

This lightweight and minimal mask has single strap headgear and also the soft silicone frame could make you forget that you've a CPAP mask on.

DreamWear CPAP Mask review

 PROS: Unique design. Choice to nasal pillows. Durable.

CONS: Susceptible to leakage inside a couple of positions. Dual vents may create noise. May be difficult to clean and dry.

OVERALL: Another mask from Respironics that tries to merge numerous designs that may concentrate on a specific quantity of CPAP users.

Recently, Philips Respironics remains prepping us for your relieve their “Dream” line-up. Although I might not be approved to announce the arrival relieve their new Dreamstation CPAP/ BiPAP line-up because Philips desire to maintain it “hush-hush”, they have however, released the Dreamwear mask that people begin desiring what’s later on. Within the last few years, Philips Respironics has battled to develop a mask that competes while using Resmed and Fisher& Paykel kind of mask choices, and this time as opposed to trying to mimic the designs utilizing their competitors, they finally tried to totally affect the design while using Dreamwear nasal mask.

For people who've not seen it personally, you might be fooled with the pictures that have been printed online. Can it be a nasal mask or possibly a nasal pillow mask one might ask? Well let’s just say it’s a hybrid of both designs. Not be mistaken with the hybrid kinds of the whole breathing filter like the Liberty Mask from ResMed that certain is completely different. In the past, Respironics released two masks similar to this referred to as contentment Curve as well as the Optilife nonetheless they didn’t really gain much traction on the market and in truth were short-resided. Let’s just start by saying, the Dreamwear is more suitable to the people masks.

As I’ve always done formerly, I have based this review employing this mask for two main days and putting it using the paces. I have reviewed it based on looks, comfort, performance, noise, and sturdiness. In situation a mask is just too intolerable to last the 2 days trial, I'll give you the info on my finding inside the duration We used it for. Fortunately for your Dreamwear, it did pass the 2 week challenge listed here are my findings.

Looks: The Dreamwear design, when i said earlier, is extremely unique. It combines the nasal pillow look getting a cushion design. But it is nothing can beat a ResMed Quick Nano or ResMed N10 because the cushion cradles the nose underneath while offering pressure using a small opening rather of a giant opening across the nose. Even though it tries to mimic a nasal pillow for your look, it's completely free of a funnel within the nostrils. It had been intended as the main “advantage” from the mask design and I’ll discuss more inside the comfort part of this review.

The problem however is the tube design that provides the atmosphere was altered significantly within the traditional design because of it towards the “headgear” in the mask. This brought towards the look employing a flat, wide, and hollow silicone that moment the cheekbones or even more within the mind. Kept in place across the mind having a headgear such as the Philips Respironics Nuance/ Nuance Pro they released in 2014. To tell the truth, it seems odd obviously because most nasal pillow designs make an effort to minimize the material obviously this really is the alternative from the grain. But! do you know what it is said? “Beauty is within the eye in the beholder”.

Comfort: I have to admit, initially initially when i first put this mask on, it absolutely was quite comfortable. There had not been impression of a lot of weight like the gel pads and gel pillows in the Nuance Pro, but it could take numerous attempts to get the right size headgear that perform the mask to ride up behind the mind. The cushion that cradles the nose is actually quite comfortable too. I understand that it is beneficial to people who have been trying a nasal pillow but have narrow or irregular shape nostrils that brought to some worsening for the septum. The headgear behind your brain is flat nonetheless they created this dual strap that was interesting. Even though it was mentioned to be used by those who placed on a pony-tail, it’s completely useless for individuals who've short hair and could sometime bunch up developing a slight bump.

Performance: Personally, this mask performed decently through the 2 week period. We used it getting a Respironics PR60 with heated tube looking for an APAP mode of 8-15 cmH2O . I don't typically utilize the ramp function however set a ramp time to 20 minutes starting with the CPAP of 6 cmH2O to evaluate the lower pressure threshold in the mask. Unsurprisingly, this mask performed at its best round the low pressures. The key factor to achieving an excellent seal however, was once i used the littlest cushion. While using Medium cushion, leaks were apparent regardless of the tiniest of movements. My suggestions is always to start with the littlest and eventually get to the greatest (all sizes are incorporated inside the package). Likely to appropriate guide that's incorporated but, try the small ones first.

Since the pressure rose, the integrity in the mask to help keep the seal suffered greatly. I felt most likely probably the most leaks at 12 cmH2O because the ballooning aftereffect from the cushion really starts to push the mask in the bottom in the nose. Side sleeping is yet another challenge since you will inevitably include the whites in the tubing. Fortunately, lack of remains complete open so you will probably not see a improvement within the ventilation. I started to question, the actual way it affects the vehicle formula within the CPAP in the event you accidentally include the whites? I don't think we’ll have you ever gotten the actual reaction to that question from Philips Respironics relating to this one. But, in many fairness, my pressure ranges round the downloads really did not change. Repositioning for the sides is the issue that particular needs to be more concerned about because it causes large leaks round the greater pressure along with a couple of leaks round the low pressures.

Noise: The Dreamwear usually quiet. Initially, I used to be concerned that we would hear the atmosphere travelling using the tubes throughout my cheekbones, but, surprisingly it had not been a problem. Really the only noise heard was from one of the exhalation vent as this mask has two vents… yes TWO vents that's another first! The very first is around the traditional place as you're watching nose. That did not cause any problems. The second vent on the top from the mind where the tube within the CPAP connects to Dreamwear. This vent sometimes hits the very best headboard or pillow plus it brought to some appear that mimics the appear of air leaks from cushion in the mask. It automobile me up a few occasions and puzzled me in the heart of the evening since i have couldn’t possess the leak in my face and i also could only hear the appear.

Durability: Within the finish in the a couple of days, Cleaning it once a to get rough round the Dreamwear intentionally. This can be a reasonably tough mask though. It had been around test where I laid about it, place it lower, and pulled the mask off my face in the rough manner. I furthermore tried to stretch the silicone tube the sits obviously to determine if it could tear nevertheless it organized perfectly. All individuals other silicone parts have been in componen as well as other masks for for quality nevertheless the fabric part of the headgear still needs improvement. When I said earlier, it's similar to the Nuance kind of masks that Philips Respironics announced a year ago as well as the “anti grip” portion powering your brain will likely start to break lower in case you have a inclination to sweat a good deal. I furthermore involve some concerns about cleansing the silicone headgear because when water adopts the tube, it may be hard to dry. On one token, condensation that builds up may also pose the same problem. Fortunately through the a couple of days, I did not encounter this problem since i have have was employing a heated tube while using CPAP.

Overall, the Dreamwear mask is a superb choice to the nasal pillow if getting things improve your nostrils can be a bother you. Go for your CPAP pressure before selecting this mask as it is more susceptible to air leaks with greater pressure settings. But, for individuals who've a tall bridge or narrow nostrils, this can be the very best mask to suit your needs. You'll steer obvious from the irritation round the bridge from the nose in the standard nasal mask and you also won’t have irritation round the septum from the nose in the nasal pillow mask.

3. DreamWear with Gel Pillows

Such as the DreamWear, the brand new DreamWear with Gel pillows has got the tube connection towards the top of the mind.

The gel pillows provide greater stability and are ideal for active sleepers who turn and toss during the night. 

The Great  /  The Respironics Dreamwear Gel Nasal Pillow is recognized as probably the most comfortable masks made.  The nasal pillow addition increases comfort much more.

Unhealthy  / It's slightly pricier compared to models it competes with.

The Conclusion  /  If you're prepared to pay some extra for further comfort, this mask is a superb selection for you!

The Respironics Dreamwear Gel Nasal Pillow is one of the most innovative CPAP masks available due to the minimalistic style.  The minimal contact design allows it to be one of the most pleasant CPAP masks to wear.


Gel Nasal Pillows

The nasal pillows snap in to the Dreamwear frame to advertise a much better seal using the mask.

Minimal Contact Design

The Dreamwear has considerably less material than other masks. This will make it very light and comfy.

Freedom of motion

Since there's no cumbersome tubing, patients be capable of sleep in almost any position that they want.

Silicone Frame

The Dreamwear utilizes a flexible silicone frame that's covered with a cloth to supply a soft discuss the patient’s oral cavity.



The Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP mask emphasizes sleeping freedom in a manner that is similar to the Dreamwear.  The contoured frame mask provides extra stability, as the silicone pillows increase user comfort.  The mask include the 3 pillow sizes (S, M, L), so working by helping cover their size is the best for you won't be an issue.


The AirFit P10 is extremely recognized for its noise levels and minimalistic design.  The QuietAir technologies have decreased therapy noise by about 50% in the previous model.  The minimalistic design makes set up, sizing, and cleaning very easy in accordance with more complicated masks.  It's slightly less expensive than the Dreamwear, but it's more costly compared to Opus 360.

4. Swift FX

  • The Swift FX is a tried and true nasal mask that many CPAP users love.
  • It it available with over the ears headgear as well as standard.
  • Save $20 with the coupon code SAVE20

The Quick Forex Nasal Pillow mask is really a strong artist, and our pick from the nasal pillow masks. Like the majority of nasal pillow masks, it's very simple to use straight as they are, and simple to suit. Although it's been replaced through the AirFit P10 mask, we feel it's some features which make the Quick Forex a better option.The headgear is extremely easy to defend myself against and off. Stretchy materials are fine, until onto your nose is ready that needs further tightening, modifying of loosening greater than widening or narrowing the space the headgear split enables.

The cushions are comfy. And also the diffused air is comparatively quiet. Easy-to-use, quite simple to consider apart and set together again.

There's no swivel where you can tubing connects towards the mask. Feels just a little restrictive.  Utilization of a tube holder or draping the tubing more than a headboard is suggested if by using this mask although over sleeping supine posture.

Comfort - 8/10

In most cases the cushions are comfy and soft around the nose. The ovular shape fits most noses easily, and also the vary from promising small to large pillows is usually sufficient. The a lot of different pillows available imply that an appropriate fit can be done.

Mask Seal - 9/10

Recommendations the cushions around the Quick Forex are the most useful-on-market. The double-wall nasal pillow design inflates sufficiently to supply a great seal one which isn’t easily damaged. We believe it is the marketplace leader here.

Stability - 8/10

Of the present selection of nasal pillows available on the market, recommendations the Quick Forex is the most stable, and also the least prone to lose it’s seal although the night, despite relatively erratic sleepers.

Vent Location and noise - 8/10

The vent location  is contained inside the elbow itself. Although good for the consumer, and usually quiet, it may modify the bed partner and obtain just a little noisy pressurized.

Headgear - 8/10

Regardless of the silicone straps sometimes riding up in to the eyes, and also the blue strap sometimes riding up the rear of the mind (the Nuance from Respironics appear to possess ResMed’s number here), the headgear is usually stable, and simply adjustable. Straps are very intuitive to make use of, and little adjustment is required once it's been fitted. Overall, a good artist.

Difficulty in making use of - 8/10

Hey, it’s not really easy as they are because the AirFit P10. But it’s still very simple to use. The cushions will also be a little more hard to change over, however this isn’t a real reason to not buy this mask. We all know we’re spoilt if we’re complaining relating to this.

Quantity of parts - 9/10

With 4 parts, it's very easy to put together and disassemble. The cushions are relatively simple to alter over (however the AirFit P10 is simpler, admittedly). Once more, when compared with yesteryear, there really isn’t almost anything to complain about here.

Overall Durability - 8/10

This is when the Quick Forex really shines. The silicone is durable, the only strap (which barely needs modifying) lasts forever (and it is really super easy to repair or emulate, and also the pillows will also be lengthy-lasting. We just cannot begin to see the AirFit P10 (or the other Nasal Pillow choices) last as lengthy as we view the Quick FX’s. The main one factor recommendations may be the short hose deteriorates, holes form, and often degrade.

Overall Score: 66/80 = 82.5%

If you feel this is actually the right mask for you personally, You can buy the ResMed Quick Forex nasal pillow mask online from Amazon . com, or many other online CPAP retailers.

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